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Every year, children around the country are put in dangerous situations when they are left inside a vehicle. An average of 38 children die from heat related illnesses after being left inside a vehicle every year. This is usually due to adults forgetting their child, children finding their own way into a car or children being intentionally left in the car. It may seem like forgetting a child in the car is impossible, but no one is perfect. Getting distracted, switching up a routine or going into autopilot can happen to anyone. It’s normal for those things to happen and it’s only human to... Read More »

Sun-safe babies are happy babies! Unlike adult skin, baby skin is lighter and much more sensitive, which is why it is so important for parents to protect their baby’s skin from the sun. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends keeping babies out of direct sun for the first six months. Failure to protect an infant’s skin can lead to a sunburn, which can quickly turn into a medical emergency from blisters, fever, infection and dehydration. It can also increase your child’s risk of developing skin cancer later on in life. Here’s what you can do to protect your child’s skin:

Cover up... Read More »

Having the opportunity to travel is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but for individuals who have sleep issues it can be difficult. We sleep differently when we are away from home, usually skipping the first REM (rapid eye movement) episode, having a less deep sleep and waking up more often than we would at home.

If you have upcoming travel plans, keep these recommendations from the sleep technicians at the Sleep Center at Bailey Medical Center in mind.

Stick to your normal routine.

- The human body craves regularity. Try to go to bed at the same time every night and... Read More »

Long-time Hillcrest employee Ruby Thomas, APRN-CNP, is a key player in the bariatric program at Bailey Medical Center. Thomas is giving us an in-depth look into her nursing career and what she enjoys most about working at Bailey.


Why did I become a nurse?

I became a nurse because of my passion to be a part of the healing process. I believe that nursing is simply to give tender loving care while applying it to the everyday concept of medical care. I became a nurse to help others feel better and hopefully make a difference in someone's life by always trying to be... Read More »

Tracy Foster, nurse practitioner at Bailey Medical Center, has been working as a nurse for more than 28 years. Throughout her career, she has held numerous positions, with her current role at The Center for Bariatrics having the most profound impact on her.

Prior to working within the Hillcrest system, Foster worked in homecare and hospice. She later became the program director for Bailey Bariatrics while the program was still fairly new.

After eight years, Foster decided to pursue her master’s degree to become a nurse practitioner and worked at Bailey and Hillcrest Claremore... Read More »

National Sleep Awareness Week is March 11-17, the National Sleep Foundation’s annual event promoting sleep health. A decent night of rest is essential for feeling rested and refreshed. Achieving a great sleep starts with setting yourself up for success through proper sleep hygiene. We spoke with Deborah Haring, sleep technician at the Sleep Center at Bailey Medical Center, about sleep hygiene and how you can create an environment conducive to sleep.

“Sleep hygiene can greatly improve an individual’s sleep patterns,” stated Haring. “An environment that is dark, cool and quiet is the... Read More »

It’s that time of year again…we’re fighting the crowds at the malls and department stores to cross everything off of our holiday shopping list. If you are a planner, you might already have most, if not all of your shopping done. However, there are those of us who wait until the last minute to find those perfect gifts. Regardless of your strategy, it’s important to be mindful of what you are purchasing, especially if there are children on your list.

Appropriately timed, December is Safe Toys and Gifts Awareness Month. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there... Read More »

Who loves peanut butter? We love peanut butter! Especially people living in the United States. According to an estimate by Kansas State University, the amount of peanut butter consumed by the U.S. in one year is enough to spread across the floor of the Grand Canyon.

If you weren’t already aware, November is National Peanut Butter Lover’s Month. Peanut butter was probably a lunchbox staple during your early school years, but that doesn’t mean your days of enjoying this creamy, salty-sweet goodness are over. Not only does peanut butter satisfy your taste buds, it is packed with health... Read More »