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Women’s Services

Most women today are leading busier, more complicated lives than ever before. And at Bailey Medical Center, we believe that medical care should not be “just another worry.” Because your healthcare needs are unique, we’ve made specialized care a top priority.

Specialized women's services include:

“Because we value every woman’s healthcare concerns, we take the time to talk with you and answer your important questions. At Bailey, you’ll receive the special attention you deserve.”

— Stephanie Hall, DO

Breast Health and osteoporosis are among the leading concerns facing women today. Bailey Medical Center has invested in radiology equipment that is second to none. From routine mammograms to in-depth MRI’s, Bailey’s digital imaging system provides a beneficial and much needed service. Leading-edge technology provides faster images and extremely accurate details for our doctors, which in turn benefits you. There’s a reduced chance for error, more accurate diagnosis, fewer repeat tests and a shorter waiting period for your results. That means less time for worry and greater peace of mind for you.

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